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LockBox is an awesome program specially designed to help you securely store valuable information
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25 January 2013

CoffeeCup LockBox 4.0 review

CoffeeCup LockBox, this safe and reliable software comprises all your vital data protected in a single place.
This incredible software is all that you need to take care of all your important password, usernames, documents, pin codes and access codes. The effective tool will keep safe all your data files stored in a 448-bit BlowFish encrypted format to keep your passwords and codes protected in a place. This exclusive software comprises various features like: option to create custom fields to store other information, supports in-built search to find information quickly, program can be minimized to system tray for quick access, placing of information in groups, export information to CSV, PDF or XML; create multiple databases, password generator supported, and copy program to thumb drive for remote use.
This must have tool with its intuitive interface allows you to generate random passwords and also is helpful in finding passwords quickly.

Publisher's description

If you're doing a great job securing all your accounts on the Internet, you've got a bunch of unique usernames, passwords, and registration codes to remember. This can drive you nuts when you forget some of this information and can't access your accounts.
CoffeeCup LockBox keeps up with all of it for you so you'll never lose anything again. And with the virtually uncrackable 448-bit encryption, you don't have to worry about hackers, either. All your data is at your fingertips and 100% safe
Generate safe passwords, add notes, links, or even files and store them privately and securely. Or securely share them with the people who need to know --just wow!
Why is this securely store and share feature so cool? Here's the thing: everything on the web is public by nature. Every email, message or link can be read by somebody else. It's just how the Internet was designed to work. But if you encrypt the data you're sharing, that becomes a whole lot more difficult. And hey, LockBox makes it simpler too!

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